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Cokie and the Ty Rones

Portsmouth, 1963-1967


Cokie and the Ty Rones included Luther "Cokie" Caudill on guitar, Larry Warnock on bass, Jim Hicks on keyboards, Barry Slattery on drums, and Gary Phillips. The band members were all post-high school. Barry Slattery had been in an early local rock-n-roll band, the Flames, circa 1958. 

The band started in 1963/4, playing pre-British Invasion styled rock-n-roll. All four band members sung which allowed them to keep the vocal group sound in the repetroire.

The band spent a lot of time on the road, retuning to Portsmouth a few times a year. While in town they played clubs such as the Classic Lounge. Their travelling schedule can be covered by going tthrough old newspapers, in May 1964 they were in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and June 1964 in Madison, WI. They spent a week in Jansen, Nebraska at the Jansen Hotel Steak House in September/October 1964. They were back in WI for December 1964 and spent most of the last part of 1965 up there.  In April 1965 they were in Indianapolis, 'welcomed back'. 

In the spring of 1966 they recorded their lone 45 at a local radio station, the songs were the Fats Domino standard "Hello Josephine" (aka "My Girl Josephine") and a slow original "Let's Start Anew". They self-released it on their own Al-Fang label and sold it locally.

The band was playing South Bend, IN in January 1966, followed by Sault Ste Marie, Michigan for June/July 1966, after the record was released. 

The band spent the last months of playing together through July 1967, mostly at the Classic Lounge, six nights a week.

Cokie Caudill is deceased. He had been in several bands after the Tyrones, including Empire Power and Light.

Josephine / Let's Start Anew - Al-Fang no # (Rite 16789/90) May1966