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Chuck Howard

SW Ohio/Columbus

Chuck Howard was a pioneer rocker in Ohio. He was born in rural Kentucky but like many of his peers migrated to the bigger cites across the Ohio river. He cut his first 45 on Nashville for the Sand label, an interesting operation that was a local (Cincinnati area) affiliate of Sage and Sand labels from California.

Chuck recorded two more 45s for Cincinnati labels, "Joy Gray" on ESV and "Gossip" on Flame. All three of these 45s are great rockers and some of Ohio's best recordings of the time.

Around 1960 Chuck relocated to Columbus. He helped start a label, Kim records, and recorded a couple records himself along with writing many songs recorded by a variety of artists including Cliff Nash and the Shilos. The Kim label recordings are in the 'countrypolitan' style (RCA records/Nashville) that was popular at the time. We don't know much about Chuck's activities in the 1970s. He passed away in 1983.

Crazy Crazy Baby / Can't You Tell (Sand 266 / Port 70002) c. 4/58 1958
Gossip / Heartbreak Station (Flame 1020) C. 11/59
Joy Gray / Don't Let It Bother You (ESV 1017) C. 1959