Chan and the Ohio Rhythm Makers

Dayton, 1969

An interesting 45 for a few reasons, although not much is known about the band. They seem to have been from the Dayton area, or not... 

The A side of the lone 45 is a sparse folk rocker "downer lament" that sounds more like 1965 than the release date of October 1969. The writers are D. Strong and J. Higgins. The other side is funky riff driven song that bears a little similarity to "Tighten Up". It's mostly instrumental but there is a spoken part during the song.

The label, a one shot custom called Help! - may have been a reference to Help! magazine published in the early 1960s by former Mad magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman. 


Feelin' Bad / Ain't It Good Y'all  - Help! No#, QCA press, Oct 1969