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Bull Moose Jackon

Cleveland, 1930s-1989

Bull Moose Jackson was named Benjanim Clarence Jackson when he was born in Cleveland. We don't really know much about his early days, other than he started playing proto-R&B swing as a saxophonist and singer in the 1930s. Later he joined Lucky Millinder's band.

In the post-WWII evolution of R&B from bebop and swing, he signed with King records and hit the scene early and hard with "I Love You, Yes I Do" which was an R&B chart topper. He soon started recording the raunchy, risque records for which he is  best remembered today - "I Want A Bowlegged Woman", "Nosey Joe", and "Big Ten Inch Record" - all classics!

His contact at King ended and he cut a few records here and there, before disappearing in the great waves of musical change during the 60s and 70s. In the mid 1980s he was brought out of retirement by the Flashcats, a Pittsburgh band that played moderized jump R&B. He recorded an LP with them but unfortunately his comeback didn't last long as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He returned to Cleveland to live out his last days with old friends and family until his passing in 1989.