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Borrowed Thyme

Cincinnati (from Penn State), 1969-72


Borrowed Thyme started out at Penn State University, with 7 members and a Chicago styled horn-rock sound. They signed up with A-Jaye Management and relocated to the Cincinnati area in mid1970. They shared a communal house/farm in Union, KY and built their sound and fan base quickly, and played all over Ohio and western PA until 1972.

The band members were Ron Abbruzzese (lead singer), Vince Condrath (keyboards), Rusty Richards (bass), Mark Nicholas (drums), Stan Slotter (trumpet), Sidney McGinnis (guitar) and Regis Markl (sax). They formed from the merger of two PSU bands the Darker Side and the Trilogy. Former Darker Side member Cal Levy was a roadie and helped with management.

The band was big in Cincinnati, Miami University, and played the Agoras in Columbus and Cleveland. They also played Mansfield a few times. 

After several record companies were interested, they signed with United Artists and released 2 45s, both getting airplay in Ohio, Pittsburgh, and a few other places. They recorded an LP which was supposed to be released in March 1971 but must haver been shelved. The 45s were all band compositions, and included in their live shows. The band played a lot of original songs live.

The group split in 1972/3.

Time Is Right / Do You Hear What I Said - United Artists 50760, April 1971
Same Old Funky Feelin' / Fantastic Wings - United Artists  50792, June 1971