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Bill "Zekie" Browning

Cincinnati, late 1950s-early 1960s

Bill "Zekie" Browning was part of the Cincinnati country/rockabilly group that included Nelson Young, Don Boone, Glenn Scott, and other Lucky label artists. He was known for playing lead guitar but also record some nice vocal numbers.

He recorded a 45 for Ruby as his first record. The record credits the Rainbow Rhythmaires, the usual Ruby backing band. 

He made three 45s for Lucky, about one per year. On the first 45, Don Boone is co-credited on "Breaking Hearts". His third Lucky 45 credits the Dynamics, with both sides instrumental.

Other than the Lucky operation, there is not much info about him. Way back in the 1970s and 80s, collectors and historians assumed he was the same person as the Bill Browning from West Virginia/Cleveland on Island records. They are two different people and the proof was done a long time ago but still persists on a couple reference websites. The nickname "Zekie" is used on all his records, probably to differenciate the two men, although by using record dates Zekie's Ruby 45 predates Bill's first 45 with the Echo Valley Boys.

He was listed as playing in Hamilton for one time in November, 1967. That's the last newspaper reference we could find.

I'll Agree / It's Too Late Now - Ruby 220, 1956
Breaking Hearts / I'll Pay You Back - Lucky 0001, 1958
Bad Case Of The Blues / What Else Could Yo Do - Lucky 0005, 1959
Creepin' And Crawlin' / Spinning Wheel Rock - Lucky 0011, 1960