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Big Red and the Comancheros

Hamilton/Cincinnati, early-late1960s

We don't know much about this band, other than they played Cincinnati clubs and college parties.Even if you didn't have any idea on where they were from, they had a couple 45 that has the Magnatone guitar amp sound and uses the one shot "Flying V" label - so we must be in SW Ohio.   "Big Red" was the stage name for guitarist Clarence Klugh, who did play a Flying V guitar.

The first 45, with a Hamilton address has two R&B sides, one uptempo and one midtempo, with horns. The band members, from the credits, are Klugh, J. Newbill, Foster, Logan, Hiawatha, Keys. The group made a second 45 on the Arnold label from Detroit, using the same recording on the 1st 45, retitled "I'll be So Glad". We don't know what the flip side sounds like.  In 1966 Klugh copyrighted a song called "Chicken Thief" that doesn't seem to have been released.

That's all we have for now, so please fill us in....

I'm So Glad / Keep On Moving - Flying V no #, R-12731/2, mid 1964
I'll Be So Glad / Double Bad - Arnold 289, R-16043/4