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the Big C / Big C and the Galaxies / Big C and the Wizards

Cambridge, early- mid 1960s

The Big C was the stage name for Chuck Kalill. He was from the Cambridge/Zanesville area. In the early 60s he and his band, the Galaxies, played over SE Ohio. They also played played the Dayton/Springfield area often and were fairly well known there.

They recorded a R&B influenced rocker, "Then You'll Know", on the one off Monza label in 1963. The record was a regional hit.

In 1965 Chuck and the group were using the name Big C and the Wizards. Maybe there were too many bands named the Galaxies and so they skipped a generation of band monikers and used a name more associated with late 1960s./early 1970s bands. Around this time he recorded a couple 45s for the Sur-Speed label in Nashville. The first 45 he was backed with his band, but on the second 45, he was backed by the Cutaways, who recorded their own Sur-Speed 45 at the same session. The songs with the Cutaways were written by that band's leader and songwriter Larry Gorshe.

In the late 60s the Big C seemed to retire from active performing.


Night For Love / Then You'll Know - Monza 101/2, 1963
Raid On Cedar Street /  Standing On The Outside - Sur Speed 195, 1965
(Hey Girl) Come Along With Me / Gee Whiz I Love You - Sur Speed 202, 1965