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Bazooom / Bazoom

Cleveland, 1973-4

Bazooom - with 3 'o's -  was started by  members of top Cleveland bands, Rick "Muskie" Kennedy (former Eli Radish), Alan Echtler (former Tiny Alice and then Swampbuggy), and Norm Tischler (former Tiny Alice). Rick and Alan were singers and guitarists while Norm played flute and sax. Jay Allen was the drummer and Wally Wefel on bass.

The band was very popular for their existence, playing the role of a house band for the Viking Saloon. They were managed by Joyce Halasa, who had been on WMMS when the station changed from top 40 to progressive.

Alan Greene (Greenblatt) joined on guitar in mid 1973, replacing Echtler and lasted until the end of the year. Greg Watts replaced Wefel about the same time, and he was also gone by the end of the year.