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Bares / Steve Bare / Hairy Bears / Whirlwinds

Columbus/New Holland, 1958-70

Steve and Mike Bair/Bare were brothers who played on a number of 45s that just lie within the margin of rock-n-roll. Steve was mainly a pianist while Mike played several instruments.

They started out making a  couple 45s for Cherokee. The first one "Bad Boy" that is a legitimate rocker driven by sax and piano. It's credited to Steve Bair.The second 45 changes the name to Steve Bare and is more pop.

By the mid 60s they were playing with Hillside Records owner Larry Mackenzie in the Hairy Bears, a band that sounded like the Columbus answer to the country-pop Nashville studio bands of the time. They made 3-4 45s for Hillside, often with funny credits (one 45 is by "The Hairy Bears with Frank Sinatra". All the Hairy Bears tracks are instrumental,, including a cover of the Gears' "Explanation".

In 1970 the Bares made an Ohio State football tribute record, "Three Yards and a Cloud Of Dust". The record was recorded and pressed at Musicol and has a New Holland (about 30 miles SW of Columbus) address.

That's about all we know about the Bares/Bairs. Steve Bare is credited as songwriter on a 45 by the Whirlwinds on the Aoba label, it sounds like it could be him (and Mike?) on the record.

Bad Boy / You Are The One - Cherokee 777, 1959
Darkness On The Delta / Your Teasing - Aoba 730, 1961
Daisy Mae / Smooth - Cherokee 785, 1962?
Finger Bender / Makes No Difference Now - Hillside no #, QCA pressing number 70505
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Kentucky Soul) / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Hillside no #
Down Where The River Bends / Don't You Believe It - Hillside 1008, 1969
Fire Ball Mail / Explanation - Hillside 1012, 1970
4 Yards and a Cloud Of Dust / Buck Fever - Dean no #,  Dec.1970