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the Bad Seeds / the Teddy Boys

Erlanger, KY, 1965-8


This band nearly hit the big time, releasing a 45 on Columbia records and getting jobs at top NYC clubs. The band included Jerry Foster (guitar/12 string guitar), John Reynolds (bass), Donald Hodge (6 and 12 string guitar), Gene Clarke, and Ernie Banks (drums)  as seen in the pic.

The band's story goes back to 1965 when they started as the Teddy Boys. The original band included Foster., Banks, Reynolds, and Lloyd McGlasson (guitar). The band recorded a couple demos at King studio for Saxony records. The two songs "King of the Soap Box" and "Voice Of the Lonely People", both written by John Reynolds, were first released on a Saxony compilation in 2005.

In the summer of 1966 the band made their first trip to NYC where they got the Columbia record deal. They re-recorded "King Of The Soap Box" and "He's Lying", written by Jerry Foster. Both sides have a distinctive driving folk-rock sound and suggested the band could have a hit if things went their way. Their name shows playing the Downtown on July 11, 1966.

The band returned to greater Cincinnati for while and McGlasson left and Hodge and Clarke joined.  They returned to the NYC area in April, 1967 and were billed on a show at Palisades Park opening (with other acts) for Dionne Warwick.  They were playing back in the Cincy area for July-early September (billed as the 'original Bad Seeds'), and another NYC stint in late September at the One Eyed Jack, "Queens' Newest Discoteque".

That seems to be the last of the Bad Seeds. Jerry Foster joined the Fabulous Fakes, which included Vicki Spencer, a friend of the group who is claimed to have sung backup on the 45. For more on that band, check out the page for them on this website.

King Of The Soap Box / He's Lying - Columbia 43670, May 1966