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Art Harmon and the Harmonaires

Dayton, 1967-1980


1967 ad - Medway is between Dayton and Springfield

Art Harmon had a regular gig at the Towne Club in Medway, OH for much of 1967. He was fronting the Top Cats. The band recorded a 45 for Pixie records. According to the label, it was live at the club, but sometimes live recordings are not what they seem. They recorded an original, and solid rockin' cover of "Unchain My Heart". When the record was issued the band name was changed to Art Harmon and the Harmonaires.

The name change was a good move, as they played for about 13 years under that name. Art was the lead singer and guitarist. Willie Day played drums, his 2013 obituary says the band made many appearances on a local MDA telethon.

The Dayton papers provide insight on the band's changing club gigs. In 1969 they were playing at the Hut in Dayton, featuring Lynn Starr. A 1971 ad lists Art Harmon, without the Harmonaires, as a country western singer at Winks lounge. In 1972 the Harmonaires were back and they were playing the Club Reno. In 1975 they were back at the Hut. According to a newspaper mention Art had returned to playing after some time off for health reasons.


1975 ad - David Blaylock was a journeyman nightclub singer, not from Dayton

The most recent gigs we could find for Art in the papers date back to the early 1980s where he appears as a solo artist at the Fireplace Inn.

There seems to be a connection between the Harmonaires and Just 'N Tyme, a Dayton band from the early 1980s. Willie Day was also in Just 'N Tyme. 

We couldn't find out anything more about Art.

Need You / Unchain My Heart - Pixie no # (RCA masters UK4M-4817/8), 1967