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All Saved Freak Band (Lynn Haney)

Harpersfield, 1970-8

The story of the All Saved Freak Band could be a book of itself...which it is, now. Pretty much everything about the hangover from the1960s and the volitile nexus of Christianity and cults can be found in the band's story.

In short, the band was part of Christian community called the Church of the Risen Christ (CRC). In 1970, "Jesus Freaks" had come from the Baby Boomers and embraced a form of "hippie Christianity" that often meant forming a tight community removed from mainstream churches. In 1970 Glenn Schwartz, the former James Gang guitar legend, joined the community after he had "freaked out" while a member of Pacific Gas and Electric and returned to NE Ohio. Other musically inclined members of the group formed a band around him, the All Saved Freak Band. Over the next 7 years they recorded 4 LPs under that name  (the last one, Sower, was older recordings put together by CRC leader Larry Hill after the group had disbanded), and one LP with Schwartz and other ASFB members backing singer/guitarist Lynn Haney.

For the whole story, you can search the internet and/or read the book "Fortney Road: Life, Death, and Deception in a Christian Cult"

My Poor Generation - Rock The World Enterprises no #, June 1973 (Artists pressing number730605)
Brainwashed - Rock The World Enterprises no #, 1976
Christians, Elves, and Lovers - Rock The World Enterprises 1001, 1976
Sower -War Again 8188, 1980

Lynn Haney - Rebirth - Tribute 2395, 1972

Ode For Glenn Schwartz / Seek Him - Rock The World Enterprises no #, 1976