Eastwood / Westwood

Eastwood and Westwood were house labels from the Akron Recording Studio. According to house producer Bill Palmer, the Eastwood label was used for 'walk-in' vanity operations and the Westwood label for acts that he (or other producers) brought in.

(W)1008 the Lovechain Step Out Of Your Window You Can Fly / Sadness In My Mind R-24283/4
(W)1009 Blue Soul Sock Some Lovin To Me / Gettin the Corners R-24653/4
(W)1011 Dave Russell Paper Talk / Lonely Walls (Keep Talkin' Back) M-1379/80
(W)1013West Virginia Bluegrass Boys(LP) Both Sides of the BluegrassM-1425/6
(W)1014 Mary Hoffman and the Country Three No Beer Sold to Minors / A Poor Rich Man M-1485/6 (Apr '70)
(W)1016 (LP)Southern-Aires Gospel SingersHeaven Is My HomeM-1479/80
(W)1017 the Soul Tornado's Crazy Legs / Bobby's Mood M-1508/9 (May '70)
(W)31970 Fagen Williams Group One Day Lover / Don't Go Alone R-25913/4
(E)1213-7/8 the Interns I've Got Something To Say / The Trip (PS) R-20989/90
(W)12367 the Lime Love A Go-Go / Soul Kitchen (PS) R-20925/6
(E)12868 the Diamond Rings Which End Is Up / All I Really Want to Do R-21239/40
(E)1286-7/8 the Marauders Hold On Baby / When You Said To Me R-20943/4