Way Out / Big Jim / BOS


Way Out records was established by Lester Johnson and Bill Branch in the early 1960s as a outlet for Cleveland's large African-American music scene, primarily R&B. The Way Out operation included a recording studio and office located on East 55th Street in Cleveland. As the music scene moved toward soul, Way Out started releasing records in that style, with the Springers and the Sensations as their lead acts. The Sensations were based in Michigan but gradualy moved to Cleveland. On the basis of a couple local hits, the label struck a distribution deal with first Atlantic records (apparently for the Springers records only), then MGM. That lasted until about 1969, when the label went back to local only releases.

The Way Out numbering system is pretty confusing at first. The original series was not numbered, using only the RCA master numbers. During the MGM period, the 1000 numbering was used. In the late 1960s, post MGM, a 2000 number series was used. For some reason, the 2000 series are by far the rarest titles on the label. The 100 series was the last, starting in 1971. It's possible that the numbering series were used depending on who was producing and/or providing the money. A couple one-shot numbers also exist.

BOS records was the Gospel 'subsidiary' of Way Out. The BOS name came from a gospel group led by James Bullard (the "B"). Bullard was working for Way Out and released a few 45s using the Way Out numbering sequence. Later BOS releases used the Way Out address but were distributed independently. The BOS catalog is still being assembled and verified before posting.

Big Jim records was a companion label that was established through the efforts of Hall-Of-Fame Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown. The Way Out staff ran the label. Only two records have the Big Jim label, but curiously Way Out 104 by Jesse Fisher, mentions Big Jim records, in 1971 - five years after Brown retired to start a movie career.

No #

Ben Iverson and the Hornets

Fools Rush In / Love Me

1962 (RCA NO8W-4959/60)


Joan Bias

Crazy Over You / I Don't Know What's Right Anymore

1963 (RCA P4KM-5564/5)

No #

Lou Ragland and Bandmasters

Never Let Me Go / Party At Lester's

1964 (RCA R4KM-2605/6)

No #

the Gaylords

Never Go Back To GA. / Loose Beat

1964 (RCA R4KM-3359/60)

No #

the Springers

It's Been A Long Time / You Can Laugh

1965 (RCA 920W-5696, S4KM-5696/7)

No #

the Springers

I Know Why / I Know My Baby Loves Me


No # / 2799

the Springers

Why / Last Heartbreak

1965 (1st press - RCA SK4M-2799/80 ; 2nd press - label number 2799, Atlantic WO-9620/1)

No #

Laura Green

Don Deopo (Female Bandit Of Love) / Come Have A Drink With Me

1966 (RCA T4KM-5945/6)

No #

the Sensations

Get On Up Mama / I Won't Be Hurt

No #

the Sensations

Too Shy / Please Baby Please

1966 (RCA T4KM-5947/8)


the Sensations

Gotta Find Another Girl / Lonely World


the Soul Notes

How Long Will It Last / Don't Make Me Beg

March 1968 (MGM 104,530/1, Monarch 70581)


Fred Towles

Too Much Monkey Business / Too Much Monkey Business - Part II

(MGM 105,085/6)


the Sensations

Oh Girl / I Guess That's Life


Fred Towles & the Jacksonians

Hook It To The Mule (vocal) / Hook It To The Mule (instrumental)

Jan '69 (Monarch 74352, MGM 105,867/8)


the Sensations

It's A New Day / Two Can Make It

April 1969 (MGM master 105,981/106,065)


the Soul Notes

How Long Will It Last / I Got Everything I Need

1969 (MGM master 104,531)


Verna And Rob

More Soul / I'm In Love With You

1969 (the label number is NOT the year)


Bobby Wade

Four Walls And One Window / Can't You Hear Me Calling

late '69-early '70


the Harmonics

Harmonics On The Warpath / Which Way

late '69-early '70


the Sensations

Gonna Step Aside / Demanding Man

late '69-early '70


the Volcanic Eruption

I've Got Something Going For Me / Red Robin


(BOS) 2007

the Sensational Saints

I'm Glad He Knows (My Heart) / Jesus In The Morning

1970 (007/8)


BOS Singers

My God On High / So Many Years


(BOS) 014

the Capitalaires

I Will Never Turn My Back On The Lord / One Of These Mornings

1971 (B-7151)


the Exceptional Three featuring Ruby Carter

What About Me? / Unlucky Girl

1971 (B-7149)


See note for 103, Bobby Wade, below


Bobby Wade

I'm In Love With You / Down Here on the Ground

1971 (B-7169)


Jesse Fisher

You're Not Loving A Beginner / Waiting



Embryo Infinity Rebirth

Let Me Tell You A Story / Walls



Jesse Fisher

Little John / Why


984 (PS-101/2)

Jesse Fisher

Super Funky / Super Funky

1972 - B side is the continuation of the A side


Norman Scott

Baby Don't Go / Ain't That A Heartache


WH 100

Jesse Fisher

Mr. Super Nobody / Don't Cheat On Me


Big Jim (920W-3273)

the Occasions

Baby Don't Go / There's No You

1967 (RCA U5KM-3273/4)

Big Jim (920W-3275)

Bobby Wade

Flame In My Heart / Can't You Hear Me Calling

1967 (RCA U5KM-3275/6)



Sensational Saints   

I'm Glad He Knows (My Heart) / Jesus In The Morning



BOS Singers

My God On High / So Many Years

Issued on Way Out label


the Capitalaires

I Will Never Turn My Back On The Lord / One Of These Mornings



the Sensational Saints

My Brother / Walk Through The Valley

1971 (B-7150)

#103, Bobby Wade has two pressings - first on a gray label is a Boddie Press. The A side is labelled as #102. The second pressings are on the red/white label, and the sides are labelled 103A and 103B.

#104 has two pressings - first on the white label, a Boddie press, second on the red/yellow label. The two pressings have different EQ and mastering. The red/yellow one has much more bottom end, and sounds a little less crisp.

#105, Embryo Infinity Rebirth were a white psychedelic rock band from Pittsburgh. This was the only rock styled record on the label. "Walls" was originally an 18+ minute jam!

#01 has two pressings - first on the gray label, Boddie press, second is the red/yellow label. We've not heard the gray pressing to compare.

#2001/2 - the recording of Can't You Here Me Calling was originally released on the Big Jim 45. That's why the label reads copyright 1967 although this pressing was released in 1969

#1001, #1006 - the recording of How Long Will it Last is the same on both releases.

Big Jim #3273 - Two pressings, the first is an RCA press with the football logo, the second is pressed by ARP in Detroit but still includes the RCA matrix numbers on the label