2000 Bobby Peak's Imperials Rock-Everybody / Night Rock
1003 Tony March Show Down / It's Never Too Late
1004 Mike Roncone and His Orchestra Hangover / Rita
1005 the Monorays Five Minutes to Love You / My Guardian Angel
1006 Mike Roncone Hawaiian War Chant / Train Ride
1007 Tony March Boston Bake Bean Baby / Italian Martians
1008 Johnny Blue Runaway Guitar / Crying Guitar 1960
1009 Mickey Farrell and the Generals Never Too Late / I'm Searchin'
1010 the Edsels What Brought Us Together / Don't Know What To Do
1012 Mike Roncone Junk Yard / Secret Love 1961
1013 Ali-Baba and the Theives Hindustan / Holiday in Portugal
1014 the Edsels Three Precious Words / Let's Go
1016 the Mar-Vels (with Larry and the Lads) Somewhere in Life / Voo Doo Hurt
1017 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Choir Aurora / Tango Dell Gelosia
1018 Gary Mann and the Sultans Orch. I Just Don't Care / You're All Right With Me
1019 the Mar-Vels Marvel Stomp / My Guardian Angel 1962
1020 the Del Rays Run-Around Lou / Mary Is Her Name 1963
1021 Mike Roncone Orchestra Gin and Ginger / Buttons and Bows
1022 Larry and the Stingrays Jestine / Let The Four Winds Blow
1023 the Edsels The Girl I Love / Got To Find Out About Love
1024 Snapshots Condemned Without Trial / Should I Believe You
1025 the Alberto Combo The Green Monster / Love Me Love Me
1026 the Alberto Combo Calabresella Bruno / Oh-Marie
1027 the Edsels Count The Tears / Twenty Four Hours 1965
1028 Lil Murray and the Soul Exciters Open The Door to Your Heart / Soul Chitlins 1967
1029 Tony Church and the Crusade Love Trip / Can You Picture Yourself 1968
1030 Alberto-Combo Somewhere My Love / How Sweet It Is
1031 the Edsels Twenty Four Hours / Hide And Seek
1032 Fred Grace And Bless, Dr. King / Born Free
1033 Lynn Minor and His Band Fat Back / For Once In My Life 1969
1034 Lynn Minor and His Band I Finally Found True Love / Hesitate One Time For Me 1970
1035 Gary Ramey The Moon-ey Min-i Men Visit Santa Pt. 1 / Pt. 2
1036 Larry J. Greene The Girl I Love / Another Lonely Night
1037 Ice-Cold-Love Sheer Magic / Wonderful to Be Loved
1038 Iron Knowledge Show-Stopper / Oh Love
1043 Iron Knowledge Who Put the Ram / Show Stopper
1044 J. C. And The Soul Angels Dance Party Pt. 1 / Dance Party Pt. 2
1054 J. C. And The Soul Angels God Bless Our Love / True Love Is Hard To Find
1055 Iron Knowledge Band Give Me A Little Taste Of Your Love Pt. 1 / Pt. 2
1056 Paisano Quartet Cumba Luigi For President Pt. 1 / Pt. 2
1056 Roy Jefferson He's Got To Go Pt. 1 / Pt. 2
1057 Steel City Band Shakin' It Down Pt. 1 / Pt. 2
7-11 Big Bruno and His Black Belt Band White Super Man / White Super Man(instumental)
1492 Tony and the Little People Cumba Luigi For President / Martian March
1776 We The People Tricky Dicky's Got To Go /Tricky Dicky's Secret Tapes
1777 J. C. And The Soul Angels Angel's Theme / Nightmare Strut

#1003 has two pressings - the first pressing does not have a silver border around the label perimeter. The two pressings contain different takes of "Show Down". #1021 does not have the number on the label, but was intended to be cataloged as such. #1056 used on two releases.

1038 and 1043 have the same recordings of "Show Stopper"

Bobby Peak's Imperials were from Indiana, PA