Based in Suburban Cleveland, Sunburst was run by Carl Maduri. Sunburst had a remarkable record of producing local hits, including the Grasshoppers' "Mod Socks" and the Executioners' "Guillotine".

101 Johnny Marino Resort Town / When The Summers Over
102 Bill Spivery Honey-Do / Honest Bill
103 Sherry Starlyn All Winter Long / Love Bug Itch
104 Grasshoppers Mod Socks / Twin Beat Jan '65
105 Grasshoppers Pink Champange (and Red Roses) / The Wasp
106 Monclairs Happy Feet Time / Wait For Me
107 Carl Maduri Girl Of My Best Friend / Stop Sneaking Around
108 Executioners The Guillotine / I Was Wrong
109 Sherry Starlyn Blue Lights / My Hero
110 Rhythm Rebels The Things That You Do / Littlest Hobo
111 Marlene and the Debanettes Bad Love / Play Something Slow
112 unknown
113 Monclairs Pull Your Coat / Wait For Me
114 Marlene and the Debanettes Earthquake / Bad Love
115 Monclairs Sore Feet / Poopsie
116 Mystics You're Leaving Me / Hand Shakin', Love Makin', Girl Stealing Son-Of-A-Gun From Next Door
117 Five Gents Bitter Candy / Skokiaan

#106 has three pressings - first on the orange/yellow label. Second pressings have a script logo and say "Distributed by Atco records" Third pressings have a block print label name and say "Distributed by Atco records"

104 was later issued on Warner Bros 5607

Number 112 has not been located

The recordings of "Wait For Me" are the same on #106 and #113. The recordings of "Bad Love" are the same on #111 and #114