Owned by Floyd Phillips. The first four 45s were released as a result of a Battle of the Bands competition held on Sept 26, 1970. Freeman Sound were the winners and got to record a 45 at label expense. Three other bands who competed (Travis, Stars and Stripes, Biggy Ratt) also got to record.

7057 Travis Livin' In The USA / Lovin' You Nov '70
7058 Stars and Stripes Your Love No More / Listen Nov '70
7059 Freeman Sound Singing My Own Song / Sixteen Tons Nov '70
7060 Biggy Ratt Look Inside Yourself / I'm A Woman Nov '70
7061 Morly Grey I'll Space You / Be Your King 1971
7201 Morly Grey Who Can I Say You Are? / You Came To Me 1971
7202 Morly Grey After Me Again / A Feeling For You 1971
7203 Ormandy The Banker / Living Alone 1971
69001 (LP) Morly Grey The Only Truth (with poster) 1971

Ormandy were from Michigan.

Two pressings of the Freeman Sound 45. First pressings were darker red with silver, with band name as 'Freeman's Sound' and singer as 'Ray Ascott' (mispelling of 'Escott'). Second pressings were 'dayglo' pink with black.

Number 7061 was recorded in 1971 but not released until the 1990s. It was issued with a artwork sleeve.