the Squires

Columbus(Bexley), 1965-70

This group of Squires were indeed on the upper crust a bit, being students at Bexley High School. The group was formed by drummer Frank Benson and guitarist David Lanman, they rounded out the combo with Tim McKee on organ, David Zox on bass, and Jamie Carr on vocals.

Frank Benson's family was rather wealthy, so they had a nice practice setup in their garage. The group played school dances, Ohio State frat parties (where one time someone gave a couple band members a Hot Foot). One of their show bits included finishing with what they announced as their "favorite tune", "We Gotta Get Out of This Place".

In 1966 the group recorded two songs at Mus-I-Col, a version of "Oop Poo Pah Doo" that they named "Oopy" and an original called "Go Away" but only a tape was made. The group continued until 1970 when the members graduated from high school. David Zox pursued a music career that took him to Boston. Frank Benson's family house was later the residence of porn magnate Larry Flynt.