the Spoonjobs

Wooster, 1966-7

Live at the Mixer - John Chane (drums), Doug Wimmer (Farfisa organ), Gary Bonham (EKO bass), Jim "Doc" Daugherty (Lead signer and casket), John Masterson (Fender Jaguar guitar)

"The Spoonjobs (originally Little Miss Muffet and the Spoonjobs but on one wanted to be Little Miss Muffet) were founded in 1966. Drummer John Chane (now bishop of Washington DC) and I (John Masterson) recruited Doug Wimmer (organ) and Jim "Doc" Daugherty formerly of JD and the Malibus. They, in turn, brought in a bass player named Eddie who made it for the publicity photo and half of one gig and then left town for good. He was replaced on bass by Gary Bonham, who later left the band to play lead guitar in another band. The bass player for the last half of the Spoonjobs' lifespan was Dick Arthur, an old friend of mine from NY who dropped out of Duke at mid year 66-67 and joined us. John Chane got married, moved to Boston to attend Boston University and he was replaced by Danny Fisher who was just 17 at the time. Danny went on to be a professional golfer on the PGA tour."

"The Spoonjobs was a cover band. We played a lot of Young Rascals, Stones, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Outsiders, Stones. Club 42, The Ranch (El Rancho Grande) in Wooster, The Dugout in Ashland, and the Mixer in Bucyrus were that places we played most often. We were house band at the Mixer for a few months. We were known for silly pranks -- a funeral on stage, a pie and egg fight, a stuffed mannequin that came to life at midnight new year's eve." (all quotes from John Masterson, 2006)

The Spoonjobs never recorded, but several members went on to other local bands of the late 60s/early 70s.

Prior to the Spoonjobs Dan Fisher had been in the Olivers.