Spontaneous Corruption

Cleveland, 1967-9

Spontaneous Corruption were a psychedelic rock trio that included Danny Sheridan (bass), Kenny Hamlin (guitar), and Greg Giancola (drums).

The band recorded a couple songs at Cleveland Recording and got it on Philips records through producer Roger Karshner. "Freaky Girl" was a band original and sounds like a bluesy snarl take off on Hendrix's "Purple Haze". The flip side "Looking Glass of Time" includes some outrageous non-sequiteurs like "Mr. Jones' kidney stones on the ground....a crack is running through my seam....". A local paper actually reviewed the record and gave a scathing put down!

Danny Sheridan decided he wanted to try something different, so he formed Eli Radish. Greg Giancola later played with Deadly Earnest (while "hillbilly-ing" his name to G.G. Gregg) before starting a talent agency. Kenny Hamlin joined the Paper Train and later became an record executive in the Elektra-Asylum organization.