the Sons Of Man

Shiloh, 1965-7

The Sons of Man were based out of the small community of Shiloh near Shelby. The group included Joe McKinney (lead guitar and vocals), Craig Russell (rhythm guitar), Barry Foster (organ), Bob Tackett (drums), and Don "Duck" Steel (bass). Joe McKinney was from nearby Plymouth.

The group played a mix of Top 40 songs including the Stones, travelling to their gigs in a 1960 Corvair van. The band played places in the Ohio Valley and Lake Erie shore including Club 42 and the Dugout in Ashland, Gem Beach in Sandusky, the Hi-Lo Club in Norwalk, the Blue Goose in Mansfield, and a Go-Go club in Mount Vernon.

In late '66 or early '67 the group recorded three songs at Bob Porters Starlite recording 'studio' in Mansfield. They apparently connected with Porter through the Shepherds Heard, with whom they shared the stage a few times. Their intent was to make a 45, so three songs were recorded, covers of the Lovin' Spoonful's "On the Road Again", "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone", and a Byrdsian take of "Oh Suzanna". "Road" and "Stepping" were chosen to be on the 45 but for some reason the records were never pressed.

The group broke up when some of the members graduated high school.