Society's Children

Columbus, 1967-9

At the Ohio State Fair, 1967(?)L-R: Jerry Dean (bass), Jeff McManus (drums), Gene Richards (vocals), Randy Martin (guitar), Rick Collura (lead guitar)

This group became very popular between 1967-1968.Played for WTVN radio, WCOL radio and was a regular act at The Blue Dolphin. All but Mc Manus went to Col.North High, Mc Manus went to St Francis Desales. The group was on the verge of getting a record contract with Decca Records but their agent died and was not persued after that.Dean moved to Texas,Mc manus to Florida. Martin ,Collura and Richards are still local. Collura did studio work out west with the Grateful Dead and plays locally in some of the hottest blues bands in the Columbus area.Richards still does blues shows also and is known as Gene "Big Daddy' Richards for his harmonica work and vocals.

Rick Collura--Lead Guitar
Jerry Dean--Bass
Randy Martin--Rythym Guitar
Jeff Mc Manus--Drums
Gene Richards--Vocals

Thanks to Gene "Big Daddy" Richards