the Side Effects

Columbus, 1965-7

The Side Effects were a garage band from 1965-67 based out of Whitehall-Yearling High School, although the drummer was from South HS in Columbus. They played top 40 fare and some blues numbers with a lot of Doors songs in their repertoire because of their excellent keyboard player, Mark Fisher, who left after a couple of years to play in the Lapse of Tyme when they added horns. The group played in a few of the clubs around central Ohio but played in quite a few battle of the bands, often coming in second (e.g. to the Edicates one time and to the Sanhedrin Move another time). They played at swim clubs, roller rinks, drive in theaters, bar mitzvahs, you name it they probably played it. Members were Mark Fisher (keyboards and lead vocals), Jeff Lodge (lead guitar, vocals), Mike Bates (rhythm guitar, vocals, John Lane (drums), and Art Prince (bass guitar). The group disbanded several months after losing their keyboard player after trying to survive as a blues based group without a keyboard. Some members continued to play music as adults, either professionally or as a hobby

Credits: Art Prince