Shredded Wheat


Shredded Wheat was not a band, so to speak, but a recording project that grew out of the Grayps and the newly constructed Owl studios. The LP was issued in a blank white cover, and untitled, although the 'working' title is "The First Time You Masturbate"!

Keyboard player Sterling Smith recalls - " The contents of that evolved from some after-rehearsal "goofing off" jams that we recorded in The Grayps in the late 60's. I would improvise some sort of music, playing bass with my left hand, and Ed Mikusa (Grayps singer) would make up songs - trying to be outrageous or clever (once in a while acheivng both). In the 70's, with a real recording studio in our midst, some of our friends said we should make a real recording of that we did. Not the greatest social or artistic endeavor, but we made something that is now rare."

"Only 100 were pressed, and we sold most of them with a small ad in The National Lampoon magazine. It did contain the energetic original song "Figbar Rock" (which had no off-color content), a staple of the latter day "Grayps" performances."