Shenandoah was started by Columbus country singer Bobby Butler to help the local country music scene. He hoped that the label would provide the starting point for national success for himself and the other acts, but unfortunately none of the many 45s broke out beyond the local area. The label was started in 1961. Although most of the records are in the country style, a couple records (Debbie Clark and Bobby Turner) say "Rock & Roll Series".

No # Sunny Lee and Little Mike Goodbye Kisses / Queen of the Back Street Bars
No # Joe and Ray Shannon Hobo Baby / He Will Be the One MG 246-08Ha (Aug '64)
No # Debbie Clark Looking For A Boyfriend / Now You Want Me Back (PS) MG 246-08Hb (Aug '64)
No # Phyllis Ann Hamilton Just A Girl And Boy / Our Symbol, Red, White, and Blue MG 246-10Ha (Oct '64)
No # Bobby Turner Shake Hands With A Fool / Whistlen Down The Wind MG 246-3Ia (Mar '65)
No # Slim Rutter Just As Near Heaven / No Time For Love MG 246-3Ib (Mar '65)
No # Phyllis Ann Hamilton When You're Not There / Look, What You're Doing To Me MG 246-6Ia (June '65)
105 Larry Edwards Little Rosa / Can I Help It
No #Clara LeeEveryone But Me / My Baby's GoneMG 246-1Ja (Jan '66)
106 Al Myers and Bob Tyo Al's Boogie / Alabama Jubilee April 3, 1964 in DW
No # Tommy Roots Meet Mr. Calahan / Walking My Baby Back Home

The Tommy Roots record has a Culpepper, WV PO Box.

Compiled by George Gell with help from Tom Fallon, Matt Baker, and Scott Cheesebrew. Thanks to David Meyers.