Sensations (soul)

Albion, Michigan/Cleveland, 1966-70

The Sensations who recorded for Way Out was a three member vocal group formed in Albion, Michigan. They travelled to Cleveland and recorded several sides for Way Out records and performed in town. Two members, Rodney C (Rico) Simmons and John Washington, stayed constant, but the third member changed three times. One of the third members was Chester Florence, who later played bass in Rainbow Canyon (and before that, the Buddy Maver Mushroom).

Although the group's story is somewhat unusual, the records they made are consistently excellent. Backed by the members of the Way Out house band (including Lou Ragland on guitar), the group wrote their own songs and had several local hits. One of their 1967 recordings called "Demanding Man" was released in 1970 and sold very few copies, and has since become a huge favorite on the 'Northern Soul' scene and sells for $1500+

There is no connection between this group and the Sensations from Cleveland.


Please Baby Please / Too Shy (Way Out) 1967
Gonna Step Aside / Demanding Man (Way Out 2005) 1970