Rubbertown has an interesting history. Apparently they were several people investing money in the label. These investors also sponsored a talent show, which is how they got all their recording acts. One of the investors was Fulvio Germain. Many years ago one of my good sources for records was Germain's son-in-law. Rubbertown folded and some of the same people started the Top Hit label, which became the Hook Up label. I'm sure some of you was hoping that the stories behind these labels would read like a expose.....sorry, it was nothing but business and trying to make money.

100/1 Lucky Charms I Want A Love Of My Own / Bad Loving R-21847/8
102/3 Cashmeres This Moment / The Sandman R-21849/50
104/5 Elevations A Change Is Gonna Come / No Doubt About It R-21851/2
106/7 Elevations Philly Dog, Pt. 1 / Philly Dog, Pt. 2 R-21853/4