This label was run by Roger Karshner, with an office in on the 13th floor in Cleveland's Standard Building. Roger solicted material through trade publications, which is how he was contacted by Joel Cory and Dick Toops.


the Capes of Good Hope

Shades / Lady Margaret

c. Sept ‘66


the Capes of Good Hope

If My Monique Would Only Dance / Winters Children


Dick Whittington's Cats

In the Midnight Hour / I Still Find You (In My Heart)

c. Dec. '66


Symon Grace and the Tuesday Blues

You Won't Get Me Workin' /Out Of Sight


(Sola Topi) 1005

the Little Big Horns

It was a Very Good Year / Rainy Eyes

#1001-3 - first pressings are not distributed by Amy-Mala-Bell. The Amy-Mala-Bell pressings had promotional and stock copies. #1005 uses the Sola-Topi label

The Capes of Good Hope were from Chicago. Symon Grace was from Erie, PA.