Pork / Pork' A Lot


Cyberteknics recording studio was Dayton's most active studio in 1970s. Around 1975 they started their own house label, Pork records. Pork was the subtitle for Pork' A Lot records, supposedly some kind of in joke. Like many other house labels, the Pork 'catalog' is tough to figure out as the releases varied in numbering, distribution, and pressing amount. The label used two distinct logos, both of which were classics of 1970s graphic design. The first one featured a pigs tail and the second one a cartoon pig.

No #

Shotgun And The Dynamitos

When Your Love Says Goodbye / Don't Put Off Today For Tomorrow

May 1975 (750551 in deadwax)



Step Into My Life / Chicken LipsJuly 1975 (750773 in deadwax) - A side credits Powerhouse featuring Vic Baxter


Tight Squeeze

Shout About It / Love, Love, Lovin

Sept 1975

2106 (751221)


Slow Burner / Wait'n For You

Dec 1975 (assume Dec 21 1975 is mastering date)


Glenn Fiora

Nothin' To Step Into But The Blues / Lifetime

August 1976


Blue Max

Cincinnati / Lovin' Woman

Sept 1976 (760923)


Young Mods

To Say I Love Her / We can Make It

Oct 1976 (761008 in deadwax, assume Oct 8 date for mastering)


Bleu Wyzard

Funky Something / Hangin' On



Vondal Moore

What's The Matter Baby / I Knew Her When

Sept 1978


the Moroccos

Love, Trust And Understanding / PressureNov 1978
11879Country EarthTown Without Pity / Help Me FriendNov 1979 (791118)
6783AmandusWalking You Home / Sweet Lucy830633 in deadwax