Pixie records was the house label for the Mega-City recording studio in Dayton.

no # Ron Berry and the Dreamers Since You Said Good-bye / I'm Crazy About That Woman 1965
204 the Dagenites I Don't Want to Try It Again / Now That Summer's Gone 1965
no # the Bittervetch Bigger Fool / A Girl Like You 1966
no # Dave and the Stone Hearts I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better / Slow Down 1966
no # Art Harmon and the Harmonaires Need You / Unchain My Heart 1966
no # the Counts You Better Move On / Mickey's Monkey June '67
no # Felix Lark and the Jack Hart Trio Little Tender Love / Tear Drops On A Letter June '67
no # Steve Venters and Frisbey / David Norris Girl Of Rags / Distorted Glass Aug '68

the Dagenites were from Maryland