This Cleveland label released a variety of 45s on the early 1970s. Not much is known about the operation. Most of the artists on the label seem to be apart from the mainstream of Cleveland's rock and soul scene at the time

The address listed on the labels is 4128 Lorain Rd in Cleveland, what looks like an old buliding with small shops on the first floor and apartments above.

1001Luther RobinsonGospel Guitars Part 1 / Gospel Guitars Part 21973
1003Archie SwindellOh Yes, He's My Everything / I'm Going Home


Jim Barribeau & the Thomas Cats

Make Believe Angel / For Dreamers Only



Janyce James

I'll Always Care / Come On, Lets Do It Again   


1006Charles VickersCry-Cry / Mister JonesR-33249/50
1010DDTFor The Rest Of Our Lives / Standing At Your DoorR-32717/8
1011Buck BasketteDollar & Dime / I'm Not The OneR-32783/4
1012 DDT Different Games / For The Rest Of Our Lives R-33169/70
9 Sherill Loving You and that Old Diesel Rig / Teenage Girl R-35309/19