Musicol / Hull

Musicol is Ohio's longest currently operating recording operation. Musicol was started by John Hull at his house, where he set up a recording space. In 1966 he moved to a new location where the studio has operating continuosly. In 1969 Musicol added a pressing plant which did 45s and LPs.

The Musicol numbering system started at 1000, although the record assigned to that, by Cush, was cut later than the records starting with 1001, which we can assume was the chonological first. Until 1968 or so, all the Hull/Musicol recordings had a number with the prefix HR. The performers could use the Musicol label or use their own label name. Records were assigned one number per disk, but sometime in 1969, after they had started to press their own, they changed to a number per side format, and seem to have dropped the HR prefix. Around 1970 Musicol started to press stereo records (both 7 and 12 inch) and started a different numbering system. The stereo records were originally prefaced with HRS, and for a couple years stereo and mono records were pressed with different numbering sequences. The last mono records were numbered in the low 2000s and ended around 1973. The stereo records started with a 4 digit numbering - and there are some repeat numbers with the mono masters, eventually the stereo records became 6 digits with the 10XXXX sequence. Records recorded at Musicol could still use the Musicol name for the label, or a custom name. Almost all the numbers seemed to have been pressed, but many of the missing titles are gospel or school records. The logs for all the number exist, but does not contain enough information to document each record. Based on review of the log, and the compilation of several collections, we're pretty confident that 80%+ of the 45s (that are rock/soul/country/pop) are included. If any 45s are missing, they are most likely to be country gospel.

Mono numbering series


Cush (Jim Cushman)

Are You Mine / Say We're In Love



the New Liberty Singers

Columbus Stockade Blues / Drinkin' Gourd


1038 (LP) Don Bolin Trio Requests At Ricardo's


Fred Gartner and the Ferraris

A Good Girl is a Pretty Girl / All the Young Girls

R-14905/6, SL date 6/24/65


Steve Gibson - J. Nicklas Combo

Last Night I Cried Again / We Long To Be Together


no label 1046 Evangelist Jimmie Boggs (with the Revelators Quartet) Praise Him ; What A Day That Will Be / Just A Closer Walk With Thee ; I'm Going To Praise His Name R 15919/20, label also states 'Bible Deliverance Crusade'
(H)1051Various ArtistsFifth Annual Music Festival 20 February 1966Nationwide Chorus, W.E. Chorus, Dispatch Chorus, S.C.S.C. Chorus, combined chorus, cover labelled Industrial Music Festival


Gospelaires Quartet

The Answer’s On The Way ; River Of Life / I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ For My Journey, I Was There When It Happened


(H)1059 (LP) Upper Arlington High School Senior Concert Choir My Fair Lady R-17011/2


Flowers Family

Wild and Reckless / Once Again


(H)1064 the Apostles Quartet Jesus Us The Way Maker ; I'm Climbin Up The Mountain / Keep Walkin ; Lord I Need You R-17165/6


the Creations

Little Black Egg / I Want You

R-17231/2, SL entry missing


Captain Anything

? / ?

SL has this as a 45, Captain Anything could be song or artist. SL date missing

(Cardinal 520)1069

the P.C. Three

What Are Bombs and Guns Made For / This Man Kennedy




Way Down Yonder in New Orleans / Bye Bye Blackbird


(M) 1077 Pastor and the Mighty Allstars Nobody But Jesus / Jesus Loves Me R-18153/4

(M)1080 (LP)

Jim Johnson Trio

With a Bag Full Of Great Ones


(M) 1086 Billows Of Praise How Big Is God ; Take Up Thy Cross / Story Of love ; God's Amazing Grace R-18231/2


No artist listed

Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzy/ Get Out and Get Under



the Flowers Family

Wild and Reckless/ Once Again



the Myrchents

Indefinite Inhibition / All Around You

R-18809/10, SL date 3/26/67


Phil Beasley and the Mountain Ramblers

The Hour is Lonesome / Livin To Do


(M)1101 (LP) Ohio Northern University Chorus - Choir S/T R-18837/8


Dave MacCoy

This Summer / Make Everything Alright


(M)1106 (LP) Columbus West Senoir High School Concert Band / Orchestra R-18979/80
(M)1114 Sounds Of Linden 1967 side 1 / side 2 R-19185/6, high school souveneir

(Alpha Omega)1118

Joe Hermiz

Don't Put Me On / Always

(Alda) 1127 (LP)

Al Waslon

The Many Moods of the Al Waslon Trio


(M)1130 (LP)Bureau Of Unemployment Compensation ChorusSpring Concert 1967


Jaylene Gray

While Stephanie Sleeps / Sing Me No Sad Songs


(Bashful)1134 (LP) Sally Flowers, Gene Fullen, Don Basham By Request R-19879/80, WTVN Channel 6 personalities


the Flowers Family

The Last Time / Gonna Be A Big Man



Bob Guess

? / ?

info from SL, date 7/17/67


Goose Goslin with Larry Robinson Band

The Lonely Orphan Child / Jambalaya


(Bovi) 1142Bob GuessOnce Upon / For All We KnowR-20143/4


Ronnie Taylor

Without Love / I Can't Take It

R-20179/80, SL date 8/23/67


Priscilla Dell

No I Can't Love You / Love So Rare

R-20199/200, SL date 8/27/67


J. H. + the Esquires

Comin' On Strong / Stay By Me

R-20311/2, SL date 9/16/67


Bill Moss


SL has this as a 45 with Bill Moss involvement. No such 45 has surfaced to our knowledge


the Edicates

She's Gone / Worried Mind

R-20387/8, SL date 9/27/67


the Chandlers

You Love Makes Me Lonely / I Need Your Love

SL date 10/29/67

1158 (LP)Refugee Baptist Church Massed ChoirGates Of GloryR-20905/6


the Mychents

Darkest Hour / I Gotta Know If You're Leaving

RI-2551, SL date 1/2/68


Phil Gary

That's How Heartaches Are Made / Wet Bird

SL date 1/29/68

1165 (LP)Northmoor High School Concert bandS/TNo cover?


the Baroque Monthly

I'll Be Lonely / You Are Your Only Mystery

Feb '68

1168 (LP) Circleville Bible College Music Department Crown Him Lord Of all R-21465/6

(QPV) 1183

Flint Run

Time To Come Inside / I'm Not There


1185 (LP) Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaking At Ohio Northern University R-21905/6


the Counselors

It Must Be Love / With Only Me

R-22139/40, SL date 5/11/68

1211 Ysabel Moore God Set A Time For Everything ; Six White Horses / There Is Joy In Serving The Lord ; A Man of Peace R-22685/6, 7" small hole 33 1/3


Andy Launer Trio

That's Where It's At / The Cool Look

R-22905/6, SL date 8/1/68


Blue Law

Here I Am / Good Bye My Friend

SL has this as AGI, the dead wax has AGI-1000. AG stands for Abbey Group



Look In The Mirror / Foot Loose


1225 (LP) Blue Grass Gospel Singers Dad's Advice to a Growing Boy


Soul Partners

Walk On Judge / Lose The One You Love

SL date 11/4/68


Vic Wolfe

? / ?

SL date 11/4/68

(M)1235 Maple Grove United Methodist Church Sing, All Ye Lands ; Masters In This Hall ; Arise, My Soul, Arise / Carol Of The Bells  ; Fantasy on "Greensleeves" ; He Is Born Senoir Hgh School Choir / Wesley Handbell Choir


Hughes Blues

Stone Free / Land Of Prosperity

Jan '69


the Counselors

Why Don't You / Love Go Round

Feb '69

1252 Henry Cincione and the Flytown Brass Magic Mandolin ; Just As Much As Ever / That's Life ; Shades PS, 33  1/3 RPM




SL has this as a 45, no other info, date 2/16/69


the Apocalypse

Snowcastle Picnic / I Dig Your Act

SL date 2/16/69

1255  (LP) Clear Fork High School Concert Band LP Side 1 / LP Side 2 recoded Feb 20, 1969
1262 Dailey Trio Shout and Shine ; Jesus, My All In All / Walk Them Golden Stairs ; Had It Not Been small hole 7", credits read "The Dailey Trio Sings A Little"
1304 (LP) Russia High School Senoir Band, Girls Chorus - Marlesian Fields

(Bleu Rose)1315

the Chandlers

I Loved You Girl / (Never Before) Your Love Is Drawing Me Closer

SL date 5/17/69. Rite pressings are 1st, QCA pressings 2nd

(M)1318 (LP) North High School Spring Concert 1969


Steve Fisher, Mark Hittner

Summertime / Spooky


the Royal Esquires

Ain't Gonna Run / Our Love Used To Be (On The Sunnyside Up)

SL date 6/13/69


the Soul Ensemble

Melon Jelly / Move Out

(New Day)1341

J.C. Davis

Coconut Brown / Buttered Popcorn

(M)1343 (LP) Eastview United Methodist Choirs no title


Blondes and Brass

For Love Is Everywhere / Patti

SL date 7/7/69

(G Zag)1351

Carl Young

So Lonely / The Other Side of Me

SL date 7/7/69


Four Mints

You're My Desire / You Want To Come Back


J. McCants & Harmonics

Summers Love Pt 1 / Summers Love Pt 2

SL date 8/1/69


the Cold Water Army

One Time Around / When You Left Me

SL date 8/16/69


Frank Staro

? / ?

SL has this as a 45 credited to Frank Staro. Date 7/21/69



? / ?

SL has this as a 45. Date 8/30/69


Morris Brothers

I'm Home  / Time Comes And Goes

SL date 8/30/69. Label says  Hollywood, CA, an obvious  joke


the Scepters

I Found My Place / What's Your Reason

SL date 9/16/69

(New Day)1373/4

J. C. Davis

A New Day (Is Here at Last) / Circleville

SL date 9/30/69


Orchestra "Kin-Bantou"

Soyez Reconnainoir / Naleli Eve' Elvire


Dave Russell

Paper Talk / Lonely Walls (Keep Talkin' Back)

SL date 10/2/69

1387/8 North American Rockwell Concert Band Christmas For Winds / Little Christmas Suite




SL date 10/22/69


Mighty Mike Davis

All American Boy / Why Try to Fight It

SL date 10/28/69

(no label) 1411/2

Lawanda Braggs and the SwinginGaites / Chris Columbus and the SwinginGaites

Do You Remember / Tighten Up ‘70

(no label)1415/6

Douglas Falls and the Counselors

99 Miles to Fort Wayne / I'll Not Be A Selfish Man

Jan '70


Nora Lee

Forget It / You Must Believe Me

Jan '70 (on the label, "You" listed as the A side, but has the higher Musicol master number)

(Westwood) 1425/6 (LP) West Virginia Bluegrass Boys Both Sides of the Bluegrass
1427/8 (LP)Pastor James OrsugaPastor Orsuga SingsNo credit for artist on label, only the title. From Cortland, OH


Thee Young Generation

Movin' / Paperback Minds

SL date 2/7/70

1431/2 (LP) Logan Junior, Senior Dance Bands LP side 1 / LP side 2 Logan High School bands


Eddie Ray

You Got Me / Glad I Found You

SL date 3/70


Joe King

What's Wrong / Speak On Up

SL date 3/70


Red Wilson and the Stringshifters

My Heart Talks To Me / Foolish Guy

SL date 3/26/70


Andy Sommers and the Stringshifters

If I Ever Hurt You / No Chance With You

SL date 3/26/70 (these two were cut at the same session)


Young Mods

Gloria / You Brought The Sunshine

SL date 4/20/70 – name in SL is Dynaphonics, the reason is unknown

(GRS Victory) 1473/4 (LP)Ray Anderson Gospel TrioS/T
(Westwood) 1479/80 (LP)Southern-Aires Gospel SingersHeaven Is My HomeB1016


Mary Hoffman and the Country Three

No Beer Sold To Minors / A Poor Rich Man


Whistler's Mother

Dark Dawn / Goodbye

SL date 5/8/70

1499/1500 (LP) Steubenville "Big Red" Band State Finals Performance 1970


Soul Tornado's

Crazy Legs / Bobby's Mood

SL date 5/8/70

(Right Now!!)1520/1

the Morning After

Today's Dreams / A Further Difference

SL date 5/18/70


Fern Garner

Leave / Stark County Belle

SL date unknown

1559/60 (LP)All Ohio State Fair Youth ChoirOhio State Fair Youth Choir European TourTitle only on cover

(Right Now!!)1571/2

Sky Blue Pink

Oats (My Future Depends On You) / Making Love Now

SL date 7/11/70

(Versa) 1573/4 Travlin' Souls Goin' Waiten' On The Lord / Use Me Lord In The Service Versa label from Toledo



Good Time Living / Nobody

SL date 10/20/70


Ron Anthony and the Classiques

Just Funky / Classique Blues

Dec '70


The Bares

4 Yards and a Cloud of Dust / Buck Fever

Dec '70


Gayle McDonald and the Wanted Men

Turn My Temperature Down / Angel

Dec. 70 (recorded 12/10, logged 12/12) The label has the master numbers as 1751/2 but the dead wax and studio logs have 1757/8. 1751/2 was already used on the Bares 45 above.



I Can See You Comin' / Run From Me

SL date 12/29/70



My Friends / Share


Music Department

Does She Ever Think Of Me / Quiet Hours

1971, Point Pleasant, WV

1859/60 Monarchs / Byron Branson backed by Monarchs That Day Is Almost Here / Just A Rose Will Do
(Shirleo) 1915/6Glory Bound HarmoniserAfter While / Coming Up Through The YearsHit Box Publishing, 458 Indiana Avenue, Toledo
1917/8 Neil Scott and the Modern Disciples Just A Closer Walk / The Lord Will Make A Way
1921/2 (LP) Mike Miller Have You Been


Manners restaurant

Jingles (advertisments) / Jingles

1941/2 (LP)Liburd SistersHow Excellentproduced by Lamplighter records, St. Croix, Virgin Islands
1949/50Jeff and JoelThe Song Is Love / Courage To Bepicture sleeve, Jeff and Joel appear to be brothers, surname Downing, from Zanesville
1953/4 Joy Where Do We Go From Here / Running Away From the Night Time Kare 101
1955/6 Various November Children LP Kare KLP-101
1957/8 Lefty Miller and the Rhythm Kings Sweey Bunch Of Daisies / Belpre Landing Label states "Recorded by Creel Sound & Electronics, Parkersburg, WV"
1965/6Jim & Jo Anne Barrett and the BaronsHave I Told You Lately That I Love You / Alabama Jubilee
1973/4Leslie PodkinThe Numbers Song / Have A Nice Day"Heard on Friendly Junction WBNS-TV Channel 10"
(Lan-Co) 2005/6 Four Coins, Billy Lang Orch. Maybe She's Right / Forward Together March/April 1973 - the 1950s pop group from Pittsburgh with an all new lineup and comtemporary soound
2013/4 Wondering Four Whiskey Takes Command / She's My Lover, And Love Her I Will Bob - vocal, John -guitar, Sonny - drums, Paul - bass:
credits on label
2021/2Craig NicholsSome Truth / Modern Man1973


written by: Glen R. Patterson, vocal: Brenda Full, Rocky Smith

Just One More Sign / Father Time

Parkersburg, WV

Stereo numbering series

1028 (LP)Berne Union Concert Band and Golden Rocket Marching BandS/T
1038 (LP)the Don Bolin TrioRequests at Ricardo's
(Triad) 1049/50 (LP)the Moore FamilyMore About JesusTriangle Recording Studios, Winston-Salem, NC
(Warwick) 1057/8 (LP)Cusic and PowellEverybody's Talkin; About Cusic and PowellCleveland label, recorded there
101111/2 (LP)High SpiritsHow Many RoadsDespite the intriguing name, they are a girls choir. Blank cover
101229/30 (LP)Hitch FamilyTurn Your Cup-Up With The Hitch Family
101263/4 (LP)Lisbon High School Concert Band1971 Spring Concert
101289/90 (EP)Capital University Concert BandWinter Concert March 14, 1971hard cardboard sleeve
101499/50 (LP)Community Gospel ProphetsOut Of Egypt Land
101509/10Charles ByrdMy God Is Real ; Trees / Let The Church Roll On ; How Great Thou Artpicture sleeve, 7" EP
101519/20Nell Maynard Cranor // Larry WeiserSong Of Delaware / Get A WayA side is a vocal 'civic pride' song about Delaware, B side is a hard rock song by Axis, a band from Delaware. Weiser was a band member along with Tom Cranor, Nell's son. Circa April 1972
(GNS) 101579/80 (LP)Soul PurposeS/T
(GNS) 101677/8David L. SiasSomeday / One Of The Reasons1973
(GNS) 101681/2 (LP)Laymen QuartetLaymen Todaycover has title "Laymen Quartet Presents Solid Gospel" - "Laymen Today" is title on the LP labels
101703/4 (LP)All Ohio State Fair Youth ChoirThe All Ohio Youth Choir Sings!Title on cover only
(GNS) 101717/8Capital City BoysMusic Medley / What A Wonderful Day
(GNS) 101757/8Rev. Leroy JenkinsWhen He Calls My Name (I Will Answer) / Just A Closer Walk With Theepicture sleeve
(GNS) 101761/2 (LP)GraceS/TChoir from the Worthington Grace Brethen Church
101769/70 (LP)Bob AllenMore Bob Allen at the Christopher Inn
(GNS) 101773/4 (LP)Rev. Leroy JenkinsGod Gave Me A Song
(GNS) 101777Tommy JohnsonI'm Glad / He Touched Mepossible repress using non consecutive numbers
101781/2Soul SuperbsJust Ask Me / Cannibals
(GNS) 101791/2 (LP)HarmonairesS/TCover reads "Harmonaires present in memorial of James E. Englehart Jr."
(GNS) 101793/4 (LP)Capital City BoysS/TLP is subtitled Columbus, Ohio
101797/8Debbie Jo WebberMommy And Daddy Please Don't Let Me Grow Up / He Made Me An Angel
(GNS) 101811/2 (LP)Randolph SillsRevive My Soul
(GNS) 101831/2 (LP)Jesus, You, and MeIn The End TimesMarion, OH, insert with personal testimony of the group members, Christian folk-rock


Jody and the Individuals

Soul Streak / Hooked

Spring/summer 1974

102033/4 (LP)All-Ohio Youth ChoirS/T1974
102233/4 (LP)BGSU Lab BandS/T
102355/6Bob McCannNobody But The Sun / If You Could Read My Mind
102359/60Freeman BrothersA Special Way To Say I Love You / Dust On My Saddle

(Seatbelts Fastened?) 102675/6

Jimmy Jenkins / Eddie Pollina

Farewell To The King / Only Myself

c. 9/77 (Elvis tribute)


Joey Barrett and the Barons

Franklin County Man / Alabama Jubilee

H = Hull label, M = Musicol label, I = Ironbeat label, C = Col Soul label, GNS = Gospel Now Sound label