My Uncle's Army Buddies

Youngstown, 1970-71

My Uncle's Army Buddies were a widely popular band that featured a "progressive horn rock" style of sound. The band was formed by former members of Salem's New Breed and several musicians from Pennsylvania.

"In the picture of the Army Buddies you've got (L to R) Tom Doverspike vocals and keyboard, Bill Paris on bass, Dave Stevens vocals, Jim Toti on drums, yours truly on trumpet, and Mark Garvin on guitar. Tom, Bill, Mark and another guy on Hammond organ named John Nasesson were from Zelienople, PA. The rest of the original lineup included Paul McDonald on sax & flute, J.R. Rintala on Trumpet and Doug Hartzell on Trombone. Later all of the Zeli guys except Bill left and were replaced by Gary Kekel all horns, David Byrd Hammond organ, Grammy winner Roger Hatfield sax and Steve Acker guitar. The band lived in an old funeral home in Youngstown called Champion House. It was great because it had a big parlor and a stage and even a freight elevator (formerly for the caskets). The downstairs was divided into dormitory type rooms as the building had once been approved off-campus housing for YSU. It has the perfect band house/commune. MUAB was a very diverse and talented group whose biggest mistake was that it rarely progressed beyond being an outstanding cover band." - Doug Thomas

The band played songs by Traffic ("Medicated Goo"), Joe Cocker, Spooky Tooth, Pig Iron, Chicago, BS&T, Rolling Stones, Ambergris,and Myrth. After disbanding, Steve Acker formed LAW, Paul McDonald started Willis the Zipper, and other members played in the Bilbo Baggins Brass Band.

Credits: Doug Thomas, Steve Acker, Paul Gartner, J.R. Rintala