Cleveland, 1969-74

Anyone who thinks Cleveland just produced straight ahead rock-n-roll bands never caught Moses, a mix of rock, prog, glam, and theatrics that gained a cult following. Moses was formed by guitarist Brian Sands who recruited Denny Carleton (on bass) one day after he was canned from the Choir. Other members included Dave Alexy (drums), and Chris Kamburoff (guitar). Moses' theatrics and well-planned mix of strong originals and choice covers keep audiences engaged in an era where many bands played stoned out jams or top 40 covers. Moses recorded several of their originals (mostly Denny Carleton compositions) but never released any records. Former Choir guitarist Randy Klawon replaced Kamburoff towards the end of the band's existence. After Moses broke up Brian Sands and Denny Carleton with some different personnel as Milk.