Morly Grey / Roller Brothers Band

Alliance, 1969-present

A trio that played a powerful blast of guitar hard rock with a excellent melodic sense. The group included two brothers and recorded an LP that was released in 1972 on Starshine records, togther with two 45s that were culled from the LP. Each side of the LP was recorded at different studios with a different drummer. Prior to the LP, they self-released a very rare 45 called "Sleepy Softness" which is much lighter in style (the flip side is same song backwards). The LP has generated a lot of collector interest for good reason, it's strong all the way through (though ears tuned to garage rock may not be able to last out the 17 minute title track). In the late 80s Starshine label owner Floyd Philips released a 45 of old outtakes, "Be Your King" and the LP has been counterfeited.

The band started in 19689 with Tim Roller (guitar), Mark Roller (bass), Paul Cassidy (drums), with Randy Byron, formerly of the Comin' Generation, on guitar. Byron was not in the band for long. During the recording sessions Cassidy was not able to perform so Bob LaNave was brought in on drums. There are at least three unreleased songs from the LP sessions.

In 1973 the band changed their name to the Roller Brothers Band and released an LP which has a lighter, more commercial sound. The group has continued to play off and on over the years.

After Me Again / A Feeling For You (Starshine 7202, 1972) (LP) The Only Truth (Starshine 69000, 1972)