Michael Stanley Band / Michael Stanley

Cleveland, 1972-86, and continuing

The Michael Stanley Band was one of Cleveland's most popular bands ever, and at their peak had a huge regional following and some national near-hits in the early 1980s. The band played a melodic rock sound that had evolved from a Eagles/singer songwriter style.

Stanley himself has started as a 'solo' performer after the disillusion of Silk (Stanley is his middle name, his full name Michael Stanley Gee). He released two LPs of rockish songwriter sounds (on Tumbleweed and MCA) before hooking up with some local musicians to form the Michael Stanley Band, including Tommy Dobeck (x-Circus), Johah Koslen (x-Jeep), and Dan Pecchio (x-Glass Harp). As the band and personnel changed, he continued to pull from Cleveland's and Youngstown's talent pool, including Kevin Raleigh (x-Freeport), Bob Pelander (x-Reign), and Gary Markasky (x-Coconut). The latter three musicians helped move the band in a more commercial rock sound with prominent keyboards.

The MSB, as they were known locally, recorded LPs for Epic, Arista, and EMI, before releasing a couple records on their own. Stanley still plays locally in a group called the Resonators (with several former MSB members), and the MSB has had occasional reunion shows.

For a more complete Michael Stanley history, visit his website - www.michaelstanley.com.