MF Rattlesnake

Howland/Warren, 1971-3

MF Rattlesnake held dowm the showcase Sunday night gig at the Cleveland Agora for more than a year (replacing some band called the Raspberries....what happened to them?).

MF formed from the demise of the Holes in the Road, and included Gary McCoy, Doug Thomas, and Gary Sloas from the Holes along with Mike Donadio and Randy Smith from the Shaddows. The band contiuned to some degree the Holes sound, including Allman Brothers and early Doobie Brothers, with the trading dual leads of Gary and Mike.

Away from the Sunday Agora date MF Rattlesnake played Agoras in Toledo and Columbus, and one trip down to Florida for spring break. While in FLA they played the Exile hotel in Daytona and the Flying Machine in Ft. Lauderdale (with the Rooney Brothers).

Despite the band's popularity they never formally recorded anything, although the band did play some original songs by Gary and Doug.

Recently Gary McCoy and Doug Thomas have recorded as the Howlin' Hills Project -