Magna was the house label for Magnetic Recording Studios in Columbus. Until late 1967 or early 1986 Magnetic had their own pressing plant. The Bates Boys and Four O'Clock Balloon 45s were pressed there. All the later pressings listed were done at QCA.

No # Bates Boys + One I Don't Care / Monkey Shines July '67 (MG: 402-07Kc)
No # Four O'Clock Balloon Dark Cobble Street / Two Heads Nov '67
No # Jill Hyde and the Velairs Muddy Water / What Am I Living For Sept '69
No # Bishop and the Wallace Brothers Sad Man / I Might Give Out, But I Won't Give Up Nov '69
No # Lyte Brigade What Happened to the Love / Showtime (PS) Jan '70
No # Johnny Lee and the Outcasts Crazy / Lonesome 77203 Jan '72