London Fogg and the Continentals

Dayton, 1965-69?

London Fogg and the Continentals appears to be two groups - the band London Fogg and the vocal group the Contintentals. They were a 'Salt and Pepper' band (black singers, white band). In 1969 the band released their one and only 45 on a local label, Gold Stars. The A-side, "Easy Mover", was written by Dayton's Brenda Lee Jones (Jean of Dean and Jean, of course), and it's possible she sings it, but that is unconfirmed. The song was a local hit and picked up by Imperial for national release, with the band name shortened to London Fogg.

That's all we know right now - more info most welcome!

Easy Mover / Trippin' (Gold Stars 100 / Imperial 66440) Sept '69