the Legions / Lighter Side

Columbus, 1964-7

The group The Legions was formed in 1964 by vocalist Gene Richards and lead guitarist Bob Hall.Both wanted to play in a band but didnt have many connections.Finally after hearing about another guitar player named Mike Privett they started looking for a drummer and a bass player. Pat long became the drummer and a bass player who was just learning how to play named Ronnie Van Horn wanted to try out.The band was formed and became very popular under its new name The Lighter Side.

The group played at alot of dances in the Linden area at rec. centers and parties and later was sponsored by Nationwide Insurance Co. and did corporate parties.The group stayed together until 1967then dis-banded .Hall ,Long, Privett and Van Horn all joined the Navy.Richards was recruited by another group Society's Children as their vocalist.All remain good friends and see each other as much as possible.Unfortunatly Ronny Van Horn was killed in 1970 in a horrible car accident in South Carolina.

Bob Hall -Lead Guitar-vocals
Mike Privett-Rythem Guitar-vocals
Ronny Van Horn-- Bass Guitar-vocals
Pat Long --- Drums-vocals
Gene Richards - Vocals

Thanks to Gene "Big Daddy" Richards