L.A.W. (LAW)

Youngstown/Columbus, 1972-8

L.A.W. got their name from the surnames of founding members Steve Lawrence (drums), Steve Acker (guitar), and Mickey Williamson (bass). Lawrence and Williamson had been in the Insights. The group started in Youngstown but relocated to Columbus (although most of the members were from the Youngstown area). A lucky break of Roger Daltrey hearing 'the wrong side' of a cassette tape (the other artist was the intended listen) that included some recordings go the band signed to his Goldhawke label (distributed by MCA). The band also opened several shows for the Who. Prior to the MCA deal, the band had released their first LP "L.A.W" on the Atlanta based GRC label. Poor distribution and promotion had doomed that release.

L.A.W. (or just LAW) recorded two more LPs ("Breakin' It" and "Hold On to It") of strong, tight, funky rock which had moderate success in parts of the US. The band changed personnel over time. Toronto native Roy Kenner, after his time in the James Gang, joined the band for a while and appeared in their "Hold On To It" LP. Other members included keyboard player/lead signer Ronnie Lee Cunningham (formerly of Brainchild) and John McIver on bass (replacing Williamson, who left to spend time with his family). Tom Poole played drums for a while until Lawrence returned to the band in time for the 2nd LP.

After his time in L.A.W., Steve Lawrence was in the Lawrence Brothers band.

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Credits - Steve Acker, Pat Phillips/Starshine Productions