Kale / Mound

Newark labels, owned by Ned Kazee and Don Lewis. The name Kale, spelled as all caps KALE in the Newark newspaper, came from the names KAzee and LEwis. All Kale records are in the Country style, except for Kathy Drouillard, who was generally a pop singer. The Mound label was intended for contemporary folk music, based on the  records on the label. Don Lewis' band, the Moonshiners, played on many of the records.


001 Don Lewis I Don't Know How To Drive / Cryin' Good Time
002 Buddy Davis (You Made Me Look Like) A Fool Again / The U.F.O.
003Brenda HolmesI'll Remember You In My Will / The Silence Of Lonliness
004 Don Lewis Paper Talk / None But the Foolish
005 Dick Jones Angel Baby / Highway 601 April 1968
006 Lou Sharp Don't Be A Stranger / Stand On The CornerYes 
007 Joe K. Prater and the Hudson Valley Boys Two Hearts / To See You Go Dec 1968
008 Don Lewis Your Sad Song / Strong Winds
009 Dale Evans and Huron Valley Boys Silence Of Loneliness / Mary Kissed Me
010 Don Lewis Drinkin' Moonshine / Take A Good Look
011 Don Lewis Tall Wall / Closed
012 Don Lewis Fire In The Hole / First Country Singer On the Moon
013 Charley Brown Bratwurst Festival Polka / Happy Birthday, Mom
014 Don Lewis Honey Do, This (And Honey Do That) / Sad Shoes
015 Joe Prater Everybody's Just People / High Time (pic sleeve) June 1973
015/6 Charley Brown She's Got What It Takes (To Make Sweet Love) / Born Rich July 1973
018 Kathy Drouillard Stay Awhile / If I Were You Aug 1982
019Les BellYes Virginia (There's A Honky Tonk Angel) / I'll Never Change1984
020 Kathy Drouillard Cold War / Look Before You Love 1984
Kathy DrouillardStay Awhile (LP)1982


47701 Paula Moyer Loving You More (Enjoying It Less) / Anyone Less July 1970
47702 Jim Hoefler / the Moonshiners Madeline, You'll Never Know / Madeline's Mood 1970
47703Max Ferne''Til The Crying Runs Out / You Made Me What I Am
47704 Our Parents Children Gods Sky / Inside, Outside
47706Jolene McFarlanFor The First Time / I'm Losing YouAprill 1982