1/2 the Echo Valley Boys Wash Machine Boogie / Ramblin' Man
3 Bill Browning and his Echo Valley Boys One Day A Month / Don't Wait Too Late 1957 (3/4)
4/5 Bill Browning Makes You Feel-A So Good / Hula-Rock 1957 (5/6)
6 Sidney Jo Lewis Boppin' To Grandfather's Clock / Beggars Can't Be Choosers 1957 (7/8)
7 Bill Browning Borned With the Blues / Dark Hollow 1958 (9/10)
8 Bill Browning First Prayer / Let the Bible Be Your Guide 1958 (11/12)
9 1958
10 Bill Browning and his Echo Valley Boys Breaking Hearts / Lay Me Low 1958 (15/16)
No # Bill Browning, Cook Brothers, Buddy Durham, Hardrock Gunter Gonna Be A Fire, Down in the Holler Where Sally Lives, Juke Box Play For Me, You Gotta Go / You're Just a Baby, Ida Red Rock, Birmingham Bounce, Rock-A-Bop Baby 1958

the EP listed as "W. W. V. A. Jamboree Special". Each performer does two songs