Columbus. Started by Larry McKenzie as an extension of his musical equipment rental service. All recordings were done in his house.

No # Thirteenth Door Lady Jane / Out of Sight
No # the Hairy Bears Finger Bender / Makes No Difference Now May '67 (QCA 70505)
No # Jim and Jean Rose Just One Drink / Your On My Mind June '67
No # Gears, Emeralds, Dedicated Followers, Internal Canitery Sin We're Through, Brown Eyed Girl / Harlem Shuffle, Purple Haze 1967 - One song for each listed artist in the sequence listed
1967 Gene Buehl and the Rhythm Kings Nothin' To Do / Castle In The Moonlight 4828/9
1001 Gears Explanation / Feel Right
1004 Paul Lewis and his Hempstead Valley Boys Blame It On Me / Good Times Are Bad SoN-62681/2
1006 Purple Reign / Touches of Gold Wish You Didn't Have to Go / The Day Is White R-23201/2
1007 Dean Francis and the Soul Rockers Funky Disposition / Tippin' 1969
1008 Worthy Duncan and the Hairy Bears Down Where the River Bends / Don't You Believe It 1969 (RCA X4KM-2296/7)
1009 Larry Burdette Before I Lose My Mind / Exactly How I Feel 1969 (RCA X4KM-4060/1)
1010 Rod Sexton Yes It's True / What A Shame 1969 (RCA X4KM-3142/3)
1011 Prent and Bud Golgotha Hill / A Job At The End Of The Trail 1969 (RCA X4KM-3130/1)
1012 the Hairy Bears Fire Ball Mail / Explanation 1970
1013 Ron Harrington (with Bob and Ellis) It Happened to Me Again / Out of the Night 1971
No # various Hillside 1966 LP