The label started a joint venture between Harkness Crace and his son Forney Crace. Forney lived at 819 Underwood Street in Marion which became the label's operational address. The label was named after Harkness. The Crace's released 5 45s from late 1959 until late 1960. Harkness passed away suddenly in late 1960 which put a stop to the label for nearly 7 years. 

The label was revived for one 45 in 1967. The five releases in 1959-60 were country, but Forney apparently wanted to get in on the teen band action so he issued a 45 by Marion's newest 'buzz' band at the time, the Strawberry Social. That was the last Hark 45.

Forney also sponsored dances, under the name of Marion County Jubilee,  at the I.W. Abel Union Hall in Marion, bringing in national acts like Reno and Smiley. 

In the early-mid 1960s Forney ran the Evergreen Restaurant in Marion and held dances there, booking some of the original Hark artists.

Forney died in 1988

500Phyllis HamiltonA Letter To Santa / Sanat Claus Rocket Shiplate1959
501 Archie Poe Tell Me What to Do / Lonesome River 1960
503 Gene Scarbrough Bluest One In Town / Running Away From Love 1960
503 Archie Poe Big City / For The Last Time R-4797/8
504 the Round Up Boys Huckleberry Hollow / Rock and Roll Baby CP-4599/600
No # the Strawberry Social The Sunday Before My Life / Love Minus Zero - No Limit 1967