Glenn Mooney and the Ferraris

Marion, 1962-5

Glenn Mooney was an early rocker from Marion. He made a 45 for Fraternity records that had a typical early 60s teen rock sound. In 1963 he released the first of three 45s on his own label, Cenna-Tawni records. It's not known if the Ferraris existed as a band on these first two 45sbut it seems that they were. Like many pre British Invasion rock bands, they adopted a car-related moniker. 

There were two 45s credited to Glenn Mooney and the Ferraris in 1964.  On the first 45, they went for Beach Boys style vocal surf music, as if the title wasn't obvious in their intent. They were clearly a solid, tight band. The second 45 features two sides of strong 1964 rock-n-roll, with "Come Over Rover" sounding like killer British Invasion band funneling Chuck Berry, while the B sioe sounds has straight early midtempo BI sound.

Glenn Mooney moved to Nashville to work in the music business there. He passed away around 2009. It's not clear what happened to the other band members.


Tender Love / Go Steady With Me - Fraterrnity 898, 1962
Beep Alonia / Why Baby Why - Cenna-Tawni 100 / Fraternity 922,1963
The Big Surf / you Lied To Me-  Cenna-Tawni 101, 1964
Come Over Rover / Don't You Believe Them - Cenna-Tawni 102, 1964