352 Al Franklin Combo Nocturne in Blue / Down on the Farm CP-1247/8
353 the Cruisers (featuring Leroy Jones) Baby What a Fool I've Been / The Moon is Yours CP-1279/80
354 H-Bomb Ferguson She Don't Want Me/ Don't Leave Me
360 the Contours the Mission / I Found Love CP-3891/92
361 the Cruisers Nightmare / Don't Believe It CP-3893/94
506 the Bees So Jealous / Terror
No # the Bees Tough Enough / Oh Yes R-7321/2
No # the Singing Mastermen The Story of Calvary / Jesus He's a Friend of Mine R-9435/6
No # the Whatsits I've Been Hurt / Stubborn Kind Of Fellow March '67
No # Religious Gospelaires of Lincoln Heights, Ohio Smoothing Out the Rough Road / He's Coming Again April '67
No # the Five Chances I'll Miss You (When You're Gone) / Stranger I Love You Sept '67
No # the House of God Harmonizers Lord Remember Me / Jesus Knows Sept '67
No # the Golden Eagles I Got Shoes / Hold On Oct '67
No # the Impossibles / I Want a Real Live Woman Aug '69
No # the Chances A Better Day is Coming / People Wake Up Before It's Too Late June '71
No # the Mighty Pilgrims God is so Wonderful / I Tried Nov '71
No # the Singing Mastermen The World Can't Do You No Harm / Standing By The Bedside of a Neighbor May '72?