Dupree was one of the house labels for the Akron Recording Studio. Don Fieldman was the original label owner, but he was only involved with the first two records (#101 and #102). The (CW) records are labelled as such, there seems to have been some ambitious plan to have a country 'series'

101 the Echos Around and Around / You Make Me Feel Good
102 the Panicks Work / Treat Me Right
200 the Panicks You're My Baby / Lots Of Pretty Girls
212 the Changing Times Going To Far / The Kids Are All Right
1304 the Comin' Generation Get Out Of My Life Woman / Hey Girl
101/2 (CW) Eddie Jameson and His Southern Buddies A New Deck of Cards / You Were Only Teasin 'Darlin'
601 (CW) Valley Serenaders White Lightning / When you said Goodbye
11369 the Harmonics Missing You / Let Me Go R-23781/2
(1355) J. McCants the Harmonics Summers Love (Falls in the Autumn) (Part 1, vocal) / Part 2, instrumental M-1355

The Harmonics "Summer's Love" record has a Cleveland address, but uses the Akron Recording studio publishing, Ermal music. Dupree #200 by the Panicks was not recorded at Akron, the band used the label name for continuity.