David Allan Coe

Akron, 1967 - present

The career of the original country outlaw, David Allan Coe, is well chronicled in his and other Web sites. He was an Akron native and was incarcerated in the Ohio prison system prior to 1967, during which he started writing the songs that appeared on his debut LP, "Penitentary Blues". This record has a swampy blues rock sound thats more Creedence Clearwater Revival than Hank Williams. He is also rumored to have recorded a 45 or two, possibly under pseudonym, for the Cabut label out of Shelby. Prior to the LP, a couple of his songs were recorded by his Akron neighbor Bobby Boyle on a Bryte label 45. Once his musical career took off he relocated to Nashville and made his name in the country music 'outlaw' scene of the 1970s.